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A modular system for on-site composting that adapts to your needs.

Composting Greenhouse Residues and Destroying Grow Waste

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Congratulations to Lufa Farms

By choosing on-site composting for their organic waste using a Brome Composter, more than one ton per week of organics is composted, creating a product with added-value.


BROME Compost offers different composter models and complementary equipment as well as services to adapt to the composting needs of your greenhouse or for the destructuring and denaturing of plant residues require for your growing facility.

Enlarge and click on the image below to get a closer look at the different parts and accessories available for managing organic wastes for your greenhouse or grow operation.


This image illustrates a project that is adapted for on-site composting at a food-processing facility.  It is possible to configure and adapt the various components to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

This image represents a Brome Composting System including:  a composter equipped with a sliding door, an automatic screw-feeder, a shredder  to treat plant stems and rootballs, as well as as a conveyor


In greenhouse, composting offers several benefits.

  • Improve greenhouse production
  • Heat recovery from the composter for use in the greenhouse;
  • Disposal of diseased plants through composting;
  • Possible partnership with neighbors, allowing for the implementation of a resource pool for carbon or nitrogen feedstocks;
  • Resale opportunity for surplus compost.

Conform to disposal standards

  • Breakdown and denaturation of plant residues;
  • Low cost compared to waste collection;
  • Social acceptability of composting.

Easy operation

  • Cleanliness;
  • Minimal operating costs;
  • Few workers needed;
  • Simple installation;
  • Better control over the composting process;
  • Better control over odor management;
  • Better control in all weather conditions : air temperature, precipitation, evaporation and the risk of unpleasant odors.