BROME Compost Inc. has been involved in composter development and has acted as a consultant since 2005, when the company decided to  take over composter sales and testing for a variety of customers, promoting its various products.  At the end of 2014, BROME Compost inc. took over the manufacturing of its composters.

Equipe brome_compost Paul Larouche

BROME Compost Inc. focuses our energy to developing industrial composting at multiple scales. We also promote composting as an eco-responsible solution to waste management. BROME Compost inc.’s activities range from the conception of BROME Composting Systems to their manufacturing, their on-site installation and operator training and support.

In my opinion, and the same goes for the whole team here at BROME Compost Inc., building an efficient and user-friendly system is only a part of our mission. The true challenge resides in optimizing the composter and the composting process so that they meet every customer’s specific needs and goals. In order to take full advantage of the virtues of composting, every system should be tailored to the client. By making their needs clear to our experts from the outset of a project, BROME Compost inc.’s clients are sure to get off to a good start towards redesigning their business’ waste management plan.

In my advisory role and with extensive expertise in management, I am more than qualified and committed to providing you with a service of unrivalled quality that is friendly and competent. Our outstanding team will deliver customized service to help assess your needs, set up a system that is best-fit and help resolve any on-site issues. I make sure that all our clients end up with the best solution for their composting needs by making a point of being personally involved in the development of every project.

I founded Brome Compost Inc. through a desire to make composting simple and accessible and I’ve made it possible by actively working towards making composting accessible to thousands of people across North America.

Paul Larouche