A modular system for on-site composting that adapts to your needs.

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Farm – Mortality

Composting on site reduces waste collection costs

Farms – Manure

Composting of mortality to increase biosecurity and manure to generate livestock bedding


Breakdown of greenhouse-grown plant residues and residues form other crops through composting.

Remote Sites

Benefits of composting organic waste on site in remote facilities: reduction of treatment costs and elimination of landfilling and incineration.

Food Processing

Benefits of on-site composting of organic waste from food processing : production of quality compost and reduction of transportation costs

Grocery Stores

Composting organic waste from grocery stores, food markets and other stores reduces recyclable material collection costs.

Composting Sites

Composting the small and big city’s organic waste to stop landfilling and meet regulations standard.


Composting of organic waste in universities reduces collection costs for recyclable materials.