Brome Composting Systems for Different Sectors and Businesses | Brome Compost inc.

Un système modulaire de compostage sur site qui s'adapte à vos besoins.

Obtenez instantanément un devis technique personnalisé.


Composting animal mortality for farm biosecurity
Composting Animal Mortality

Composting on-site increases biosecurity to protect your investment and the health of your animals.

Composting manure for farm bedding
Composting Manure

Composting manure to produce quality bedding for livestock.

Composting plant waste for greenhouses
Composting for Greenhouses

Destroy and denature plant residues through composting.

Composting plant waste for produce growers

Improve your plant waste and substrate management in addition to reducing your disposal costs.

Composting organic waste from food processing activities
Composting and Food Processing

Benefits of on-site composting of organic waste from food processing facilities include the production of quality compost and reduced collection costs.

Industrial composting systems for grocery and food markets
Composting for Grocery Stores

Composting organic waste from grocery stores, food markets and other stores reduces collection and landfilling costs.

Industrial composting systems for municipalities and composting sites
Composting for Municipalities

Municipalities can increase the lifespan of their landfill site and meet regulation standards by diverting organic waste through composting.

Industrial composting systems for mines and remote sites
Composting for Mines and Remote Sites

Benefits of composting organic waste on-site in remote locations include reduced treatment costs and the elimination of landfilling and incineration.

Composting for schools, universities and campuses
Composting for Schools and Universities

Composting of organic waste in academic institutions fosters innovation and reduces collection and recycling costs.