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Composting for Grocery and Food Markets

Divert organic waste destined for the landfill and for recycling, reduce costs, and potentially benefit from the income of selling compost… Those are just a few of the advantages of composting for your food market, grocery store or commerce!


The image below depicts a project that is adapted for on-site composting at a food market.Click on the image to get a closer look at the different parts and accessories available for managing organic waste for your grocery store or other business.


This image represents a BROME Composting System including:  a composter equipped with a sliding door, a bin-lift to introduce materials into the composter, a fume hood to aid in odour management and flexible storage bags to capture the compost exiting the composter for storage and curing.

It is possible to configure and adapt the various components to your specific needs.  Contact us for more information.

Composting organic waste on-site using the BROME Composting System offers many advantages for a business:

Avoiding the landfill

  • Reduce the costs of landfilling;
  • Reduce compactor collection costs;
  • Meet organic waste diversion objectives with confidence
  • Reduction of end waste;
  • Produce quality compost thanks to efficient feedstock control;
  • Potential income from compost sales;

Easy operation

  • Cleanliness;
  • Minimal operating costs;
  • Few workers needed;
  • Simple installation;
  • Better control over the composting process;
  • Better control over odor management;
  • Better control in all weather conditions : air temperature, precipitation, evaporation

All compostable materials can be added into the BROME Composting System:

  • Waste coming from the preparation of fruits and vegetables;
  • Deli-meats and cheese;
  • Meat;
  • Prepared meals;
  • Baked goods;
  • Tea leaves and coffee grounds;
  • Cooking and frying oil (in limited quantities relative to total compost volume);
  • Cardboard boxes;
  • Shredded office paper
  • Waxed paper.

Involvement of all team members in the elaboration of a composting project can strengthen their sense of belonging to the business.

BROME Compost offers different composter models and complementary equipment as well as services to adapt to the composting needs of your grocery store or other business.