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Bulk Storage Bags for Industrial Composting System

Bulk storage bags for finished compost
Flexible bags are a low cost solution for storing compost in its curing phase

The bulk storage bags are flexible, breathable, and a cost-effective solution for the maturation phase of the compost or simply as a medium-term storage solution.

BROME Compost offers a selection of composters and related equipment, such as the bulk storage bags, as well as a range of services adapted to your composting needs. These flexible bags come in two versions: breathable or airtight. They can be placed at the BROME Composter’s output end to capture the compost as it exists. The flexible storage bags work well with BROME Composters to help finish curing or simply to store finished compost.

The main benefits of flexible bags are:

  • Affordability;
  • Nice format to ship or sell compost;
  • Medium term storage;
  • Ability to finish curing compost.

However, a pallet truck or forklift is required for handling. Placing them on a pallet will simplify handling.