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Definition of needs

Take several elements into account before determining your composting needs. After this analysis, a proposal will be submitted.

Implementation of the system

Support from BROME Compost to implement your composting system from order to delivery

Operations management & monitoring

Assist with any trouble regarding the composting process or the formulation of a recipe.

We help you define your specific composting needs

With more than 10 years experience setting up composting systems on a variety of sites, ranging from simpler projects to the more complex, we understand your situation and can better offer support in all aspects of your composting project. To create an efficient and adaptable system, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Your needs and objectives;
  • The type of waste to compost and  volumes;
  • The average interval between loading times;
  • Your current collection and handling system;
  • Physical and regulatory constraints and opportunities.

Rest assured. We have an unwavering commitment to walking you through every step of your new investment, by first evaluating your needs and objectives, and then offering you an educated selection of BROME equipment tailored to your projected use.

After evaluating your needs, we will recommend a system composed of one or several options covering the following operations:

  • Collection and storage;
  • Pretreatment;
  • Handling;
  • Composting;
  • Odor management;
  • Compost management;
  • Training;
  • Operations monitoring.

Before implementing a composting system on your site, the BROME Compost team will go through the existing regulations with you for the location where you wish to set up your BROME Composting System. In the first phase, a detailed analysis of your needs and objectives will be made to establish the conditions for the successful implementation of the proper composter and composting system.

A budget proposal will be submitted to you outlining our selection of equipment and accessories. Once this first step has been taken, we follow through on our commitment to service by setting up your new composting system and by training your operators in the use of your specific model. From that point on you will have access to our after-sales advisory service, who can help you by monitoring your composting operations, among other things.

An invaluable partner if you wish to go green, the BROME Compost team will make sure that your composter is safe and compliant with all regulations, even once it is up and running.

We help you start-up your composting procedures.

BROME Compost carefully assesses the desired location and implementation of your system so that its use is optimized and made easy for your operators.

Allow us first to propose the ideal location for your composting system. In order to do so, we take various factors  into consideration, such as its orientation, allowing for quick setup and simpler, more efficient daily logistics.

In order to implement the organic waste management solutions we propose, our team can take care of setting you up with your new composter and its additonal modular extensions in accordance with BROME standards. Our involvement at this step provides you with the workmanship and know-how essential to getting your composter up and running. When our team leaves your site, your composting system is perfectly operational.

We offer you guidance through all stages of your new investment:

  • Support in the siting and oritentation of your equipment with 3D sketches to better plan and design surrounding infrastructure;
  • Help for you and everyone involved in your operation to set a reasonable timeframe;
  • Shipping arrangements;
  • Order tracking and communication;
  • Additional support on demand.

Delivery and setup

  • Consultation for set-up
  • Coordination and communication throughout the delivery process;
  • Coordination and support during assembly (or complete assembly if need be)

Activation and operations management

  • Remote or on-site training for operators and all staff involved in the project;
  • Remote monitoring of all operations using custom tools, such as our web calculator
Operations management and monitoring services offered by BROME Compost

By using this service, a member of the BROME team will assist your operator with troubleshooting and recipe formulation. This tool will also generate the report you will be needing when measuring the effectiveness of your composting program. Since BROME Compost deals with customers who are perhaps less informed on the specifics of composting, we take a keen interest in every system that we implement. Our goal is to provide flawless service by helping to supervise your operations and remaining available for your compost site operators.

To foster more precise control over the composting parameters, a lab can analyze (or characterize) any material you wish to compost. We can then incorporate these parameters into the equations using the BROME web calculator.

As the sole manufacturer of BROME Composting Systems, we have the specific parts you may need for any repairs and we are committed to getting them delivered to you as expeditiously as possible. Subscriptions to the calculator are made on an yearly basis and include remote support.