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Industrial Composting Projects

Compostage pour épicerie - composting food waste

Composting Food Waste
Metro Lussier

Louis-Martin Racicot wanted to re-evaluate his store’s waste management practices in a practical and affordable way.

Compostage pour les mines - composting for mines

Composting on a mining site
Dominion Diamond

Dominion Diamond’s main goal was to become an example of eco-responsibility by making their Ekati site the first northern mine to compost most of their waste instead of resorting to incineration or burial.

Compostage de mortalité porcine - composting pig mortality

Composting Pig Mortality
Luc Loranger Farm

For the swine operation to be considered fully-functional,a safe mortality management plan needed to be adopted. To Mr. Loranger, composting looked like the perfect way to put his fears to rest.

Compostage de mortalité avicole - composting poultry mortality

Composting Poultry Mortality
Trottier Farm

Not unlike many other poultry producers, Claude Trottier had everything to gain by using a biosecure disposal method of handling carcasses, so he first opted for incineration, a choice that he would come to regret with time.