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Industrial Composting Projects

Mi’gmaq community of Listuguj

A composting platform with curing bays

Green Box Compost

A food scraps collection company in Wisconsin

Composting for a Municipality :
the First Nations Community of Pikogan

The community of Pikogan became the second First Nations community in the province to acquire a composting site.

Composting for a Municipality

The municipality of Landrienne was searching for a solution to manage their organic waste and generate added value for their region.

Composting Plant Waste
Delfland inc.

Delfland was looking to improve the management of their plant waste while also doing something positive for the environment.

Compostage pour épicerie - composting food waste

Composting Food Waste
Metro Lussier

Louis-Martin Racicot wanted to re-evaluate his store’s waste management practices in a practical and affordable way.

Compostage pour les mines - composting for mines

Composting on a Mining Site
Dominion Diamond

Dominion Diamond’s main goal was to become an example of eco-responsibility by making their Ekati site the first northern mine to compost most of their waste instead of resorting to incineration or burial.

Compostage de mortalité avicole - composting poultry mortality

Composting Poultry Mortality
Trottier Farm

Not unlike many other poultry producers, Claude Trottier had everything to gain by using a biosecure disposal method of handling carcasses, so he first opted for incineration, a choice that he would come to regret with time.

Compostage de mortalité porcine - composting pig mortality

Composting Pig Mortality
Luc Loranger Farm

For the swine operation to be considered fully-functional,a safe mortality management plan needed to be adopted. To Mr. Loranger, composting looked like the perfect way to put his fears to rest.

A new composting site
of over 3500 metric tons!
City of Bentonville, Arkansas

Here are the three main objectives of this project:
1. Renovate an existing composting site
2. Reduce the footprint on the ground