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On-site Training Course at Stanstead College

For every Brome composting system that is built to measure and then installed on site, a training course is offered to ensure that those individuals that are chosen to operate the composting system are fully equipped to do so. Just last week, the Brome Compost team gave such a day’s training to the newly appointed composter

An industrial composter at the University of Sherbrooke

Now, more than 8 years later, the University of Sherbrooke is still using the Brome in-vessel to compost their organic matter directly on campus.

Composting for Schools and Campuses

In an academic setting, composting can lead to innovative projects for organic waste management on top of reducing costs associated with waste and recycling collection.

The image below depicts a project that is adapted for on-site composting at an educational institution. Click on the image to get a closer look at the different parts and accessories available for managing organic waste for your university or other educational institution.

This image presents a BROME Composting System including:  a composter equipped with a sliding door, a bin-lift to introduce materials into the composter, a fume hood to aid in odour management and flexible storage bags to capture the compost as it exits the machine.

 It is possible to configure and adapt the various components to your specific needs.  Contact us for more information.

In an urban setting, on-site composting of organic waste offers several benefits:

Reduce waste collection

  • Cost reduction for the collection and disposal (landfilling or incineration) of cardboard, paper and other waste
  • Continuous composting allows for daily management of organic waste;

Developing innovative projects

  • More opportunities for compost-oriented pilot projects and innovation in organic waste management;
  • Potential income from compost sales, allowing the program to pay for itself;
  • Raises public awareness through education on the virtues of composting;

Easy operation

  • Cleanliness;
  • Minimal operating costs;
  • Few workers needed;
  • Simple installation;
  • Better control over the composting process;
  • Better control over odor management;
  • Better control in all weather conditions : air temperature, precipitation, evaporation and the risk of unpleasant odors.

Among the many benefits of composting organic waste in a university or college, the little operation needed to run it really stands out. When optimal control over ambient conditons can be reached, the output compost is clean, odorless, and remarkably good at improving soil structure, the ideal fertilizer for gardens and flowerbeds on campus.

All food waste generated in the cafeteria or kitchen when preparing meals can be fed into the composter. What’s more, the composter operator position is an interesting and educational student job promoting environmental careers.  The project may also be a resource for professors and students in various programs.

BROME Compost offers different composter models and complementary equipment as well as services to adapt to the composting needs of your university of other educational institution.