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Composting Poultry Mortality: Trottier Farm Case Study

Claude Trottier, the current owner, turned to BROME Compost looking for a simple alternative to incineration, a disposal process which he felt was no longer working for him.
Not unlike many other poultry producers, Claude Trottier had everything to gain by using a biosecure disposal method of handling carcasses, so he first opted for incineration, a choice that he would come to regret with time. Mr. Trottier quickly realized that his new investment required frequent cleaning and care, as well as considerable time to operate. To make matters worse, he would get annual fuel bills close to $8,000. As soon as he could, Claude Trottier replaced his incinerator with a composting unit.
Paul Larouche first assessed Simon Trottier Farm’s needs, and then came back with a BROME 616 rotating drum, a model which only requires a few minutes of operation for every carcass added and consumes less than a $100 of electricity a year. In addition, Simon Trottier Farms use their spent bedding as a feedstock for the composter, making buying wood shavings unnecessary. He is very happy about his purchase and highly recommends it.