Mindicanna | Brome Compost

Un système modulaire de compostage sur site qui s'adapte à vos besoins.

Obtenez instantanément un devis technique personnalisé.


Système de compostage industriel et modulaire pour vos besoins spécifiques. BROME industrial compsoting systems are modulaire to adapt to your specific needs.

A modular system for on-site composting that adapts to your needs

We are your partner for on-site composting

Brome Compost is proud to have developed a privileged partnership with Mindicanna, which makes our composting system solutions available to all Mindicanna clients. You can benefit form the experience of the BROME Compost team for the design and implementation of efficient composting systems that are adapted to a large variety of composting needs, such as:

  • Destruction and denaturation of cannabis plant residues in conformity with government requirements
  • Transforming the organic residue into a rich soil amendment
  • Reducing the cost of eliminating organic residues
  • Custom-made solutions adapted to your present and future needs

Mindicanna offers a consultation service in partnership with SGF-consultants group in cannabis. We advise applicants for licensed production, micro-culture and cannabis nursery for medical purposes for all things affecting the diversity of the culture, its efficacy, the methods and infrastructures necessary for the production of legal cannabis. We also provide physical and organisational security plans. HR plan and employee training, either in pre-construction or post-construction.

BROME Composting system installed for Metro Lussier in Waterloo Québec
Composting on a mining site - Dominion Diamond