Rambridge | Brome Compost

Un système modulaire de compostage sur site qui s'adapte à vos besoins.

Obtenez instantanément un devis technique personnalisé.


Système de compostage industriel et modulaire pour vos besoins spécifiques. BROME industrial compsoting systems are modulaire to adapt to your specific needs.

A modular system for on-site composting that adapts to your needs


We are your partner for on-site composting

Brome Compost is proud to have developed a special relationship with Rambridge in order to offer its composting systems to all of Rambridge’s clientele. This partnership will allow its clientele to benefit from Brome Compost’s experience in the installation of efficient composting systems that are adapted to a wide variety of composting needs for, notably:

  • Destroy and denature grow wastes in Cannabis facilities to answer regulatory requirements
  • Transform the organic grow wastes in a valuable soil amendment
  • Reducing the costs of organic waste disposal
  • Proposing solutions that adapt as future needs evolve

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BROME Composting system installed for Metro Lussier in Waterloo Québec
Composting on a mining site - Dominion Diamond