Automatisation des opérations de compostage avec un alimenteur. Chargement rapide du composteur et meilleure gestion des odeurs.

BROME Compost offers a selection of composters and related equipment, as well as a range of services adapted to your composting needs.

Our feeder can work in combination with a conveyor to create a more complete BROME Composting System. It allows you to automate the introduction of feedstocks into the composter. If you have large quantities of organic matter to compost, this is a very useful piece of equipment. The feeder replaces the operator, reducing costs in the long run.

Using a feeder has many benefits:

  • Faster loading times;
  • Automated loading;
  • Less contact with composting materials;
  • Better odor management in certain situations.


  • Frozen compost or lumps can obstruct the hinge;
  • Requires homogeneous, broken down inputs;
  • Using compostable bags can be problematic.