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Screw Feeder for Industrial Composter

Automatisation des opérations de compostage avec un alimenteur. Chargement rapide du composteur et meilleure gestion des odeurs.
The screw feeder is an excellent addition to your BROME composting system as it automates the introduction of organic matter into the composter, thereby streamlining operations in cases where large quantities need to be treated.

BROME Compost offers a selection of composters with a variety of optional features such as a screw feeder, as well as complimentary equipment and a range of services adapted to your composting needs.

Our feeder can work in combination with a conveyor to create a more complete BROME Composting System. It allows you to automate the introduction of feedstocks into the composter. If you have large quantities of organic matter to compost, then this is a very useful piece of equipment. The feeder replaces the need for an operator to do the loading, which reduces operating costs in the long run.

Using a feeder has many benefits:

  • Faster loading times;
  • Automated loading;
  • Less contact with composting materials;
  • Better odor management in certain situations.


  • Frozen compost or lumps can obstruct the hinge;
  • Requires homogeneous, broken down inputs;
  • Using compostable bags can be problematic.