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Sifter for industrial composter

Sifter for exiting compost as part of your BROME composting system.
Sifter added to BROME Composter to sort output

Adding a sifter to the BROME rotating composter permits the existing material to be filtered to remove coarser particles. These larger particles can then be recirculated, which results in a more homogeneous compost.

BROME Compost offers a selection of composters with a variety of optional features such as a sifter, as well as complimentary equipment, and a range of services adapted to your composting needs.

A sifter is a great accessory to the BROME Composter for sifting out the compost as it exits. Larger and/or partially composted particles are sifted out and can be re-introduced into the composter. In addition, any contaminants that may have entered the composter, which can include non-compostable material such as utensils or plastics, can also be separated out to ensure a good quality compost.

Benefits of using a sifter with your BROME Composter: 

  • Allows you to sift out coarser, unwanted material from the compost, which can be either re-introduced or discarded;
  • A more homogeneous, higher-quality, compost with a larger range of applications.