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Forced Ventilation For Industrial Composter

Forced air for Brome composter. Ventilation forcée pour composteur BROME.
A forced ventilation system enhances composter performance

Adding forced ventilation to your composting system allows for increased oxygen levels and thereby optimizes the composting process within the cylinder.

BROME Compost offers a selection of composters with a variety of optional features such as forced ventilation, as well as complimentary equipment and range of services adapted to your composting needs.

Because oxygen is an essential ingredient for the composting process, a forced aeration system is highly recommended for most applications. Simply put, it helps to optimize the composting process by increasing the oxygen available for aerobic microbial activity. As a result, the capacity of the composter is also increased.

Benefits of having a forced ventilation system: 

  • A controlled air flow enhances the composter’s performance;
  • Constant aeration (oxygenation) within the composter;
  • Crucial if you wish for the composting process to be optimal;
  • Risk of odor generation is reduced, offering better odor management;
  • Helps to dry the material.